Special Themes

Special Themes

In addition to these promising megatrends, the JPV investment universe also covers traditional investment themes that appear less frequently on the radar of investors, mainly because they enjoy less media coverage. However, this does not necessarily make them less interesting or lucrative. Since 2003, we have been evaluating a constant stream of innovative investment opportunities for our clients in traditional sectors with a low correlation to the established equity markets – and the results speak for themselves. For example, we identified the lucrative business of fish farming at an early stage and made it investable (Global Fish Basket). We also filtered out the European markets and countries where real estate prices have the potential to increase significantly (European Real Estate Basket). Further special themes that have performed well include SMEs in German-speaking countries (Hidden Champions), tourism (Travel & Leisure Basket), the beverage segment (Global Drinks Basket) and Switzerland’s renowned capacity for innovation in the corporate sector (Swiss Innovation Basket). Do you have your own ideas for traditional investment themes? Would you like to include them in your portfolio? We will be pleased to share our many years of experience and our extensive knowledge network with you and assist you with your equity selection and asset allocation (e.g. for a basket).


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