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Jud & Partner Vermögensverwaltungs AG was founded in 2002. Our range of products and services is focused on investment advice and asset management for private clients, institutional investors and professional asset managers. Meeting the needs of our clients and helping them achieve their financial goals lies at the heart of our activities.



Investment philosophy




Investment philosophy

Our primary objective is capital preservation after inflation. On this basis, the aim is value growth in real terms. We have a medium to long-term investment horizon, and we base our decisions on well-researched fundamental data. Our main investment style involves identification of investment themes that are highly likely to keep performing well in the future. Securities are selected mainly on a bottom-up basis, although macroeconomic and geopolitical developments in the respective sectors and economies are also taken into account. Adequate diversification is another important factor. We achieve this at security level and through distribution of the invested capital across various investment regions, asset classes and investment styles. We counter general short-term volatility with active management and tactical investments. Thus, we aim to optimise our performance targets and achieve them with minimum fluctuation.

Self-regulation & mandates




Self-regulation & mandates

Jud & Partner Vermögensverwaltungs AG has been a member of the Zug-based self-regulating organisation Financial Services Standards Association (Verein zur Qualitätssicherung von Finanzdienstleistungen VQF) since 2002. Compliance with the Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA) and due diligence obligations are ensured through regular training and audits.

We accept mandates only from people we have met personally. We do not generally accept client funds in our own name. We manage the investment capital exclusively via a bank. With a mandate, it is not necessary to switch to one of our first-class partner banks in Switzerland or abroad. However, through our partner banks we can offer attractive terms and services in the tradition of Swiss private banking. Deposits are managed on the client’s behalf, and all funds are managed with a power of attorney limited to asset management. We do not make any withdrawals or transfers.


Our services



Jud & Partner Vermögensverwaltungs AG offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to the individual needs and expectations of our clients, and to their investment horizon and risk profile.


Asset management

With an asset management mandate, you delegate the investment decisions to us. We define your financial goals in advance during a personal meeting. We then formulate an investment strategy tailored to your needs and expectations, and to your individual investment horizon and risk profile. After you have given us your consent, we manage your funds according to the agreed guidelines with the bank of your choice, taking into account the current market situation. We pursue an active management approach and aim for a broadly diversified portfolio. The investment process is systematised, and any risks are monitored continuously.

Investment consulting

With an investment consulting mandate, you make the investment decisions yourself, but benefit from our professional support and many years of experience. As well as receiving comprehensive support with the selection of possible investments, you can also discuss your views of current market developments with us at any time. The scope, intensity and structure of our advice can be tailored entirely to your individual requirements.

Theme mandates

Covering and managing promising thematic investments (or ‘megatrends’) in a portfolio is one of our core competencies. Investments in megatrends are best covered with cross-sector diversification, which ensures that the entire value chain of the underlying trend is taken into account to the greatest possible extent. Persistent trends usually develop increasing economic momentum over time, making them particularly well suited for growth-oriented investors pursuing long-term investment goals. Examples include demographic change or China’s unstoppable rise to become a major economic power. 

Absolute return mandates

With our absolute return mandates, we pursue the strategy of increasing the absolute value of an investment within a specified period (usually one year) – irrespective of the underlying market events. The aim of a relative return strategy, on the other hand, is to outperform a benchmark index. To achieve this goal, we invest mainly in long/short index futures. Depending on the market situation, interest rate products, precious metals and alternative investments, such as hedge funds, may also be used. Absolute return mandates should not be confused with total return mandates, since the latter relate to the total return of an investment, including fees, interest paid and taxes. We offer absolute return mandates only to investors with ‘Qualified Investor’ status according to the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA.

External investment solutions

You do not need to change your bank or advisor to benefit from our promising investment themes. With the help of a bank, we structure tailored, thematic investment products for high-net-worth individuals that can be bought as individual securities for the existing portfolio. These securities have their own security numbers and can be listed and traded daily on SIX Swiss Exchange. They function in a similar way to an ETF (passive management) or a fund (active management). 

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